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In a community founded in faith, friendship, and heart.

COVID-19 Update

The Office of Campus Ministry is following closley the updates given to us by the President's Office for Fall 2020. We hope to give out more updated details about our Fall 2020 plan on Tuesday. Sunday Mass is now on Campus Ministry Facebook and there are no live streamed daily masses. Please check out our website and our social media accounts to keep up to date on our plan; follow us on Facebook or Instagram

A Community of Belonging

This is a place where friends soon become family. Expand your capacity to serve and love others. Find the freedom to take a deeper dive into what it means to live a life of faith.

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Servant Leadership

Christian student leaders play an irreplaceable role in the Office of Campus Ministry. Our student ministers strive to not only keep Christ at the center of their lives, but to create opportunities for others to go deeper in their faith through leading programs in residence halls and across campus.

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Together in faith and friendship

Whether it be through gathering together and forging deep friendships, growing stronger in your relationship with God, or accompanying those in need—you will never run out of opportunities to explore your faith and creating lasting memories through Campus Ministry at Catholic University.

We are honored to walk with you

Regardless of the faith tradition you follow or where you are on your journey, our hope is that you would feel welcome here, and that you would share your story with us.