The Retreat Program provides faith formation and spiritual development for students at Catholic University. Retreats are designed to meet retreatants where they are at through student-lead talks and meaningful opportunities to encounter Christ through community, prayer, the sacraments, and silence.

Retreats at Catholic University fall into the following categories:

  • Class Retreats: The bookends of the retreat program. Class retreats for first-year students and seniors build class unity and address the spiritual needs specific to students at particular stages of the undergraduate experience. Retreat talks are given by students. The Freshman Retreat takes place in September and the Senior Retreat takes place in February.
  • Preached Retreats: A number of preached retreats complement the class retreat program by giving students a chance to be fed by the reflections of a priest, religious, or lay faithful. Currently there are preached retreats for men and women respectively. Each retreat features preached reflections, traditional devotions, spiritual direction, and ample time for silence.
  • Silent Retreats: A silent retreat provides students with an opportunity for rest and prayer in a beautiful monastic environment. Largely unstructured, each retreatant is provided with his or her own room and bathroom. The students are expected to take part in community meals and liturgical prayer, though strict silence is observed throughout. Spiritual direction is available, and personal reflection and journaling is strongly encouraged. Silent retreats cost $90.
  • Retreats for Faith-Based Student Groups: Retreats for faith-based student groups are intended to meet the spiritual needs of members and strengthen their shared mission. They are organized by the officers of each group with the help of their faculty/staff advisor. For a list of faith-based student groups and more information about their programs, please visit the student groups page.
If you are interested in being a retreat leader, support staff leader, or want more information about the Retreat Program, please contact Pat Fricchione, Associate Campus Minister for Men's Ministry and Retreats. Retreat are non-refundable; except in certain circumstances. Please contact Pat Fricchione with any questions.