"Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established." - Proverbs 16:3

Student Ministry aims to support the work of the Office of Campus Ministry in its mission of serving The Catholic University of America. This mission can only be accomplished by the work of many students, faculty and staff. Student Ministry leaders play an integral role in helping students grow in their faith at Catholic University. Through prayer, study and service, Student Ministry brings together all corners of campus to encounter Jesus Christ in the Catholic faith.

Student Ministry has expanded to include a wide range of opportunities for students to be faith leaders at Catholic University. The Student Minister's role is shifting to be more residence hall-focused, with renewed missionary and evangelistic emphasis. To deepen and expand the reach of Student Ministry, we also have the following ministry teams:

  • Residence Ministers
  • Cardinal Service Corps
  • Liturgy Leadership Team
    • Praise & Worship Team Leader
  • Events Team
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Communications Team
  • Freshman Retreat Team
  • Office Assistant

All Student Ministry leaders are expected to adhere to the following pillars:

  • Excellence in Study
    • Your primary vocation (lowercase v) right now is to be a good student. As a student leader, we encourage you to order your priorities, especially in your studies.
  • Excellence in Virtue
    • We encourage every Student Ministry leader to live virtuously, practicing especially the cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude). Opportunities for formation and education in the virtues and how to practice them will be provided, as they pertain to each role.
  • Be an Ambassador for the Mission of Campus Ministry:
    • Campus Ministry aims to make Jesus Christ known, loved and proclaimed in the world, primarily through guiding students towards a lifelong integration of faith, prayer, study and works of mercy. In serving or working as a Student Ministry leader, we encourage you to be an ambassador of this mission.
  • The House

    The House is the community of student ministers responsible for outreach to first-year residence halls.  House Ministers live together in "The House" as a community and share a common mission.

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  • Resident Ministers

    Resident Ministers are student ministers who live in upperclassmen residence halls as a resource for those students. They encourage spiritual growth and fellowship through facilitating CUA on Tap and other gatherings.

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Vision Statement

The Office of Campus Ministry at The Catholic University of America exists to animate the school's evangelical mission: to make Jesus Christ known, loved and proclaimed in the world, primarily through guiding students toward a lifelong integration of faith, prayer, study and works of mercy.


Student Ministers must be passionate about spreading the Gospel as well as open and flexible in their weekly schedule. You will be required to balance ministry, community, academics, self-care, prayer, and rest. Student Ministers go through training each August and January to equip them for the following responsibilities and can find support as they work under the supervision of a Campus Ministry staff member throughout the year.

  • Ministry Responsibilities: Attend weekly formation meeting, weekly supervision meeting and professional formation functions. Conduct residence hall ministry duties, advertise Campus Ministry events, organize programming for your specific ministry community, including: Friday Nights, Cellar Nights, CUA on Tap, and other ministry programs.
  • Community Responsibilities: Attend weekly community business meeting, weekly community prayer, weekly community meal, and community fellowship.
  • Prayer and Spiritual Responsibilities: Attend and participate in community prayer, community Mass, Sunday university Mass, Adoration, and class retreat.

Application Process

Student Ministers are selected through an application process from November–March for the following academic year.



  • Applications for the 2024-2025 Student Ministry team are CLOSED. 

Application Submission:

  • Applications are currently closed.


  • Applicants were contacted by Campus Ministry staff members for individual and group interviews.

Position Offer Letters Distributed:

  • Friday, February 23

Student Responses Due:

  • Friday, March 1

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Student Minister, please contact a Campus Ministry staff member.

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