Encounter the Spirit is the Campus Prayer Community that gathers every week to praise and worship the Lord. We sing hymns that express our desire to encounter our loving God. We take time to listen and reflect on the Scared Scripture, the Church's teachings, and through our faith sharing. Our gathering together in prayer unites us in fellowship as brothers and sisters in Christ, and as members of this family, we ask the Lord Jesus to lead us to the Father through the Spirit whom we have received through Baptism. Our prayer meeting is an encounter with God and with one another.

St. John XXIII prayed for "a new Pentecost," and we can see the fruits of his prayer in our world today. The Holy Spirit is indeed moving powerfully within the Church and bestowing spiritual gifts in abundance upon the faithful. It is to this Spirit that we entrust ourselves to teach us how to live the Gospel everyday. We also take the example of our Blessed Lady, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, to be our model in living a life which is full of grace.                   

Join our prayer community on Monday nights from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. in Mary, Mirror of Justice chapel. Come participate in praise & worship and great fellowship with friends!

Have questions or prayer requests? Email cua-encounter@cua.edu